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The 55% Affiliate Program

Many thanks for taking the first step to becoming an affiliate of The Sports Investor - Read this short paragraph carefully then click on the link below to join right away

The Sports Investor pays a mouth watering 55% commission on sales generated from your actions - we believe that this is one of the highest commission rates in the industry and this really can be your main source of income.

We have over 20 services in our portfolio of horse racing and football tipsters - all available for you to promote each and every day.

Payments are made on the first Wednesday of every month by BACS direct into your bank account - If your account shows less than £50 then it will carry over to the following month.

We have a 45 day duration on the cookies ensuring that your database / audience will have plenty of time to act and place their order(s).

As with all affiliate programs the more active you are the more money you will make.

Plus if you don't have a big list to go at but you know someone who has then the second tier payment of 5% means that you get 5% of every sale generated through any affiliate who you recommend to join.

There is no time to waste as we are promoting all of the time - simply click on the "JOIN NOW" Button right now and make your application to become a Sports Investor affiliate.


Q. I Don't have a website can I still become an affiliate?
A. Yes you can if you wish to promote via social media such as Twitter or Facebook then that is absolutely fine. When you click on the "Join Now" button below simply enter Facebook or Twitter as your url and we will do the rest.

Q. How do I know when you are promoting a new service?
A. We will email all affiliates with details about the service and telling you hgow you can benefit

Q. Can I profit from your Late Infomation Service too?
A. Yes you can - this is where you really can make a lot of money - we have been running our Late Info service for over seven years and produce a regular flow of winning bets where members pay per winner

Q. Can I see how much I have earned at anytime?
A. Yes you can see how your sales have been getting on at any time

Q. Am I able to contact you at any time with any further questions?
A. Of course you can - we will attempt to answer every question you have within 24hrs

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